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GP RED Technology-Based Recreational Activities

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As part of GP RED’s ongoing efforts to collect and share information of interest to practitioners in parks, recreation, and health, we would like to send you three brief surveys in the next several weeks.  The primary topic of the surveys is technology and evolving equipment usage in parks and recreational spaces and facilities. Specifically, we will be asking you about:

  • Drones (Survey #1 - this survey was sent on September 15, 2017 and is still open if you would like to add your response).  For preliminary results, click here or go to the GP RED webpage.
  • Other developing technology-based activities like geo-caching, Pokemon, Instagram and other social media-based information-sharing modes that are changing behavior and creating new demands on facilities and resources (Survey #2 - the questionnaire that follows).
  • Electric/motorized Bikes (Survey #3).

The surveys are short and should take just a few minutes to answer. All responses are anonymous. We at GP RED greatly appreciate your participation and will send you a summary of key findings and evolving best practices immediately following the conclusion of this surveying effort.




The REDLine Survey 2017
Survey 2: Technology-Based Recreational Activities

This question requires a valid number format.
2. Has your community or agency conducted specific outreach to encourage residents to participate in technology-based recreational activities in public spaces, such as geocaching or Pokemon Go?
3. Conversely, has your community or agency considered or developed polices or regulations to limit or control technology-based activities in your public spaces including parks, trails or civic spaces?
4. Using the scale below from 1 to 5, how would you rate your residents’ engagement in the following technology-based recreational activities?
Space Cell Not at all engaged
Not very engaged
Neither engaged nor unengaged
Very engaged
Extremely engaged
Don't know/
not familiar
Game-based apps like Pokemon Go
Posting photos of popular natural areas on Instagram
Using phone-based apps to track runs, bike rides, or walks
Using phone-based Apps created by parks and recreation agencies for communicating information such as regulations, way-finding, etc.
7. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statement: The use of technology such as the examples identified above encourages participation in recreational activities and enhances recreational experiences overall.
Thank you!  Look for a summary of responses to this short questionnaire in the coming weeks.