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Vail Short-Term Rental Survey

The Town of Vail is requesting public comment on potential updates to policies governing the community’s short-term rental market.  Currently the town has three requirements for short-term rentals:
  • A business license for any owner renting a unit more than 14 days per year
  • A posting of a Vail sales tax account number on all advertisements
  • Remittance of sales and lodging taxes
Please answer the following questions to assist the Town in exploring the benefits, impacts and trade offs associated with short-term rentals.
1. Which of the following best describes you?
2. Where is your property located (or properties if you own more than one residential unit)?
2. Do you short-term rent your property(ies)?
2. Have you ever rented your unit long term?
2. Do you currently long-term rent your property?