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2012 National RV Park and Campground Operations Survey

Dear arvc Member:

The arvc Foundation has contracted with RRC Associates, Inc. (RRC) to conduct the 2012 National RV Park and Campground Operations Survey. RRC is a Boulder, Colorado-based research company specializing in research services the tourism and hospitality industries for almost 30 years. This study will result in the 13th Bi-Annual National Operations Survey of the RV Park and Campground Industry and the results will be presented at the 2012 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

The primary objective of this study is to provide a high-quality, reliable, report and information resource that helps identify trends within the industry, so that owners/operators can base their business decisions on quality, informed, and objective data. We need your help! To make this study a success, we invite all arvc member parks to participate in this year’s study. We want 100% participation! In appreciation for your participation, every member park that completes the survey will receive:

  • A free electronic copy of the final survey results, and
  • A condensed version with personalized graphs and tables allowing you to benchmark yourself against the industry

This year we are setting the stage for streamlining the survey process by creating a permanent online database of survey responses for each member park. This means that in subsequent years of the study, you will only need to update selected sections of the survey. Think of the time and effort you will save!

So, take the time to complete the survey online this year and we can reach our goal of creating a high-quality permanent record for each member park.

Please help us support and grow the RV Park and Campground industry by participating in this invaluable study. Your responses are very important to this effort! If you do not currently have all of the facilities and services asked about in the survey, complete as many topics as possible.

ALL responses are important to us and will be kept confidential. Aggregate—not individual—data will be used in the reporting process. Please complete your questionnaire within 10 days of receipt.

If you received an invitation with a passcode requesting your participation, please follow the directions below. Otherwise, please click here to go to the open version of the survey.
To begin, please enter the password provided on the cover letter of the survey you received in the mail and click the 'Next' button below.