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2019 Breckenridge Community Expectations Survey - Residents/Second Homeowners/Employees

The Breckenridge Tourism Office is conducting a survey of full-time and seasonal residents, business owners and employees in the Town of Breckenridge as an update to the 2016/17 community expectations project. We would like to hear your point of view as a resident of the Breckenridge area.  (Note: If you live in Breckenridge and also own a business you may have already received a copy of a similar survey.  You are welcome to participate in this version of the survey but we encourage you to do so from your point of view as a resident of Breckenridge.)

While the survey can be taken on a computer or a mobile device, a computer provides the best experience.  If you wish to save your responses and return later to finish, click "Save and Continue" at the top of a page. 


Si desea realizar esta encuesta en español, utilice el botón en la parte superior derecha de la página para cambiar el idioma.