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COVID-19 Road to Recovery Survey

This survey is part of an Insights Collective Initiative by and for industry thought leaders and decision makers to pool our collective wisdom, and provide insights and leadership to an industry in need.

Please take a little time (approximately 6 to 8 minutes) to share some personal thoughts about the COVID-19 situation, as well as your assessment of trends in your community and some broader questions related to the pandemic and travel. As the virus situation is fluid, your responses will help travel destinations understand conditions at this time. It will also help provide a growing understanding of how communities are meeting challenges and anticipating the needs of residents and visitors.

Note that all survey responses are confidential and will only be reported in aggregate together with those from other respondents. The responses may be compared or contrasted with others, including one or more destination public and/or private sector organizations.

Thank you for your time and input. We wish you health and safety.

(The survey may be completed on a computer or a mobile device, but a computer is recommended, as it provides the best experience.  You may save your responses and return to finish at a later time by clicking the Save and Continue Later link at the top of a page.)