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Climbing Wall Association 2022 Industry Survey

Confidentiality Statement
The survey data requested and collected from both individual climbing walls/gyms, as well as climbing walls/gyms as part of a broader corporation, will be maintained strictly confidential. This survey data will only be used as part of a broader, aggregated data set of climbing wall/gym information that is compiled, analyzed, and published for industry use, and evaluated by categories of business operations. This aggregated data will be published in a CWA report and presented at the 2022 CWA Summit. RRC Associates is the only entity that will have access to climbing wall/gym-specific data, and only a limited number of authorized employees of RRC Associates will be permitted to access this data; CWA’s staff, directors, members, agents or contractors, will not be permitted access to underlying, climbing wall/gym-specific data. Unless compelled by statute, regulation, law, or any court of competent jurisdiction, climbing wall/gym-specific survey data obtained from a climbing wall/gym (or climbing walls/gyms as part of a corporation) that names or identifies that individual climbing wall/gym or corporation will not be released.
1. Do you own/operate a commercial climbing facility in the USA or Canada? For the purposes of this study, climbing walls in general fitness facilities, recreational facilities, community centers, colleges/universities, etc. are not considered commercial climbing facilities. *This question is required.