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Covid-19 Sentiment Survey

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A brief message from Downtown Sacramento:

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback. We truly value and appreciate your input. This survey is part of a collaborative effort with the International Downtown Association that will directly benefit our community by helping your voice and concerns to be heard and providing us with insights from communities throughout North America. 

We Need To Hear From You! 

Our lives have all been disrupted by the Covid-19 health crisis. As local governments, businesses and all of us move toward the winter season, we need your input to plan the next steps in response to the ongoing pandemic.

Please take a few minutes to provide your opinions and share priorities on important issues that affect our health and our economy during these challenging times. 

This research is sponsored by the International Downtown Association in partnership with your local community leaders. Rest assured that all your answers are confidential and will be reported only in aggregate along with all other responses. 

(Note: The survey may be completed on a computer or a mobile device, but a computer is recommended, as it provides the best experience.  You may save your responses and return to finish at a later time by clicking the Save and Continue Later link at the top of a page.)