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IDA Consumer Sentiment Survey
What Will Summer Look Like in Your District?

Thanks for your interest in the IDA Spring Consumer Survey. We are excited to launch this new research to help you plan for summer and fall with valuable insights:   
  • Are employees going back to the office? When? How often?
  • How do people feel about outdoor special events?
  • Are they ready to go back to indoor dining, theaters and meeting spaces?
  • Do they want to keep expanded outdoor dining beyond Covid?
  • What about transportation? How will they commute downtown?

IDA is partnering with RRC Associates, a national leader in market research, to offer this new survey for urban districts to deploy via email lists and social media channels. Knowing the opinions and priorities of your residents and employees will be critically important for you and your businesses as you plan marketing, operations and events for the coming summer and fall. 

For IDA members, there is no cost to take advantage of this research tool. Each participating commercial district will have a unique link so responses to your survey will be tracked separately. Results will be reported to you by the RRC team, and you’ll be able to compare your data to the overall results from all districts that participate. Note there is a 100 response minimum to generate a report, so be sure to promote the survey and encourage participation!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Sean Maher at RRC:
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