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The City of Lafayette is developing the City’s first-ever Multimodal Transportation Plan (MMTP) including analyzing relevant data and gathering community input to understand the existing and future conditions of multimodal transportation in and around Lafayette. The Plan will consider operations, safety, access, mobility, and connectivity of all transportation modes. The plan will address all forms of multimodal transportation in Lafayette, which simply means all the ways the community travels—whether it is walking, biking, driving, taking transit, or using newer and emerging mobility options (such as ridesharing, scooters, electric bikes, autonomous vehicles, etc.).

You have been randomly selected to participate in this survey to offer feedback about your current and future transportation priorities for the City. Community input is a crucial component of the process. Your opinions are important and will help to shape the City’s future. These responses will be used, along with results from other community surveys, input sessions, and discussions, to develop the Multimodal Transportation Plan.  
Individual survey responses are strictly confidential—a third party consultant, not the City, is gathering and analyzing the data from this survey. Once survey results are tabulated, they will be made available through the City’s website, You may visit this website for additional information about the project. Thank you for your participation!

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