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San Miguel Regional Housing Authority Survey

Your input is very important to us.  The San Miguel Regional Housing Authority is conducting this survey as part of a Housing Needs Assessment covering San Miguel and surrounding communities.  The survey will help set priorities and determine the type, location, size, design, and price of housing that will be built in the coming years.

Para hacer la encuesta en español, favor hacer clic en el enlace ubicado en la parte superior derecha de la página, a lado derecho

As a thank-you for your time, you may choose to be entered in a drawing for ONE OF THREE $100 GROCERY STORE GIFT CERTIFICATES upon completion of the survey.

(Note: the survey may be completed on a computer or a mobile device, but a computer is recommended, as it provides the best experience.  You may save your responses and return to finish at a later time by clicking the Save and Continue Later link at the top of a page.)
1. In what type of residence do you live?
2. Is your mobile home on:
2. Do you own or rent the residence where you currently reside?
3. Do you own:
3. Do you rent:
3. Does your employer provide or subsidize your housing?
4. How many of the following are in your home?
5. Which choice best describes your satisfaction with your current residence:
6. If you are not satisfied or very dissatisfied with your home, why? (Check all that apply)
7. Are you aware of regional programs like EcoAction Partners ( or San Miguel Power Association ( that are available to potentially assist with energy efficiency?